GPC Biotech Licenses Novel Proteomics Technology

GPC Biotech AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: GPC), a leading genomics and proteomics-based drug discovery company, today announced that it has licensed key intellectual property covering a novel technology for protein-protein interaction studies

from California Institute of Technology/CalTech (Pasadena, California USA) and Garching Innovation, licensing agent for the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (both Munich, Germany). The Detection Enhanced Ubiquitin Split Protein Sensor (DEUS-PS) technology is comprised of two issued US patents and pending patent applications as well as know-how from the two licensees. The rights to this innovative protein-protein interaction technology provide GPC Biotech with a competitive advantage in the field of molecular pathway mapping. GPC Biotech  will utilize the licensed technology together with its proprietary proteomics technologies, both for internal product development and in its research and drug discovery alliances. Together with GPC Biotech’s automation expertise and its existing PathCode(TM) technology, the DEUS-PS technology will broaden GPC Biotech’s existing proteomics platform.

This extended platform provides a highly sensitive and versatile system that can be used to investigate protein-protein interactions in diverse cellular host systems, including yeast and mammalian cells. In addition, and in contrast to other commonly used interaction screening systems such as the yeast-two-hybrid technology, the DEUS-PS technology accommodates the analysis of protein-protein interactions in

diverse cellular compartments, e.g., the cytoplasm or in membranes. This overcomes some of the significant limitations of existing protein interaction technologies. Based on its distinct features, the DEUS-PS technology represents a unique and powerful expansion of GPC Biotech’s proteomics  capabilities. The analysis of proteins and their interactions is key to the understanding of the molecular basis of disease, the pathways that are affected by them, and therefore also the drug discovery process.

GPC Biotech AG is a genomics and proteomics-driven drug discovery company

focused on applying a number of proprietary genomic, proteomic and drug discovery technologies to accelerate the identification and validation of novel drug targets for development of mechanism-based drugs in oncology, infectious diseases and immunology. GPC Biotech has leading cell cycle expertise and a broad intellectual property position with 47 patents issued and over 150 patents pending. Drug discovery alliance partners include: Aventis Pharma, Bayer AG, DuPont Pharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim, the Altana AG subsidiary Byk Gulden, Cell Genesys, Maxim Pharmaceuticals, Evotec Biosystems AG, Morphosys AG and Karo Bio USA.

SEARS Guarantees 40:1 or better garbage to trash bag ratio!

In recent news, and in reaction to H-Ds claim 50% tire reduction announcement, SEARS® released claims that using it’s trash compactors will condense the amount of trash a given household puts into trash bags.  There are of course some limitations and requirements.   Firstly, this will be measured over 30 days.  Secondly, if you are only filling a single bag of trash a week currently, you must increase your trash output to 5x this amount as a minimum.  Lastly, you must be throwing out certain types of trash.

SEPATON guarantees that the FastStart Plus Deduplication Package will reduce the capacity of backup data at a 40:1 ratio under the following conditions: Guarantee only applies to currently GA backup applications with Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007 Agent, Oracle 10 and 11 using flat files or RMAN. The package must be installed and configured by a SEPATON Professional Services representative. The customer must

follow SEPATON best practices including performing full backups of applicable data at least five times per week for thirty days…

Now to be fair, SEPATON, is doing much more then just just compression, but requiring customers to go from traditional back-up practices of weekly full backups, to daily full backups is NOT a fair requirement.  I am beginning to question the marketing firms and marketing teams that are working on these programs.  There is a time in our industry that it feels like the vendors believe that our customers are stupid…that’s right I said it.  I would like to hear from customers, end-users, and IT professionals on this…is anyone buying into these marketing programs at the worker levels?  Or are these programs being pushed on your by executives that don’t understand technology?

The more you know it is the fun mail application

Many useful mail applications are distributed on iPhone and Android.

However, even if it says simply as e-mails, the functions are various.

Those that can collectively manage mail accounts, things that can use pictograms and deco-mails, etc. are diverse.

In this time , let’s examine also from the application review what kind of function can be used and let’s enjoy the future mail life more now.

What is convenient usage of free mail?

By using the free mail application on smartphone, it becomes possible to share with not only smartphone but also personal computer, you can send and receive mail freely without choosing time, place and terminal.

Also, if you are compatible with both iPhone and Android and have a smartphone or tablet that is compatible with both OSs, you can further enhance sharing of mail.

For example, e-mails that reply is short may be sent by smartphone etc. and sent.

When you are at home, check the reception with the smartphone and reply from the personal computer. There are many people who are using how to use it.

Some people think that it is faster to write sentences with longer sentences on the keyboard, so it is very convenient to be able to check at any time and write mail with your favorite terminal.

Send Decome on any address!

Depending on the mail account you use, you may not be able to send Decome.

In such a case, let’s use the mailer with the decome transmission function instead of the official mailer.

Since it is possible to send Decome just by registering an account, you can quickly gleam mails that were only characters.

In addition, since the mailer often has various functions to register various accounts and manage them all at once, it is also possible to use various accounts.

Let’s use individual features

Mailer is basically based on mailer, but there are many other distinctive applications as well.

Something that can easily send emoticons and ASCII art, something that can send mail by voice recognition, what can make greeting cards … etc … Looking for things like things with surprises and fun fullness are being released one by one.

Apps that appeal daily update “Emoticon pack”

The Android application called “emoticon pack” is definitely recommended for Android users who love emoticons.
It is the biggest feature that is updated everyday as well as abundant types, and you can get new emoticons one after another.
In addition, since the browser version is prepared for iPhone users, those who do not have an Android terminal can also enjoy it.

Just copy and use emoticons!
If you find a favorite emoticon, you can use it immediately by tapping and copying.
Since special action is not required, even when writing e-mails or blogs, you can quickly start up the app and use emoticons.
It is also the number of emoticons, but this ease of use is one of the reasons I strongly recommend an emoticon pack.

Easy display of popular emoticons with history function
The emoticon pack has a history function and
frequently used emoticons are displayed at the top of the screen so you can find and use your favorite emoticons at once.
I think that there are many things that you lose sight of your favorite emoticons when you use a lot of emoticons, but if you use emoticon packs it will be free from such worries.

Display popular emoticons in a moment
Although it is good to use individual emoticons, it is obvious that you will want to use emoticons that everyone uses.
Since emoticons can display emoticons in order of popularity in emoticon packs, emoticons of today can be displayed immediately.
Also, since it is only updated every day, you can search popular emoticons in real time, so what emoticons are popular now? Just check it and you can enjoy it.

Everyday fun emoticon application
Features such as history function and popular order display, all the features you want to be sure are installed.
Even that alone is sufficient, but because it is renewed every day, you can always get a machine that touches a new emoticon, so it has become a distinction from ordinary emoticon application.
Of course, not only similar things but also a lot of emoticons that are surprised as “There are such emoticons?”, So it’s a wonderful app that you can always find fun every day.