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Self Healing Minefields – Grid, GPS, Satellite Strategies

I propose a “Manta Ray” Style self-covering landmine network framework, which uses swarm and haptic automated re-association hypothesis to fill in the gaps left from foe interruption. A “Manta Ray” copying robot, which vibrates can rapidly cover itself. The virtual framework where the land mines possess will consider designs, which are calculation constrained by scrambled […]

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No GPS for Lindbergh

Albeit flying from New York to Paris is no major ordeal today, Charles Lindbergh flew his 3,600 mile, 33 1/2 hour trip in 1927 without a transmit, radio or Global Positioning System (GPS). In his plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh stuffed a couple of sandwiches, two or three flasks of water, 451 gallons […]

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The most effective method to Choose a GPS

You’ve heard that new sport, geocaching, is entertaining. Or on the other hand, you’re worn out on getting lost on your movements. Welcome to the 21st century. Worldwide Postioning System (GPS) has been around long enough that costs are sensible and the innovation is easy to use. With bunch brands and models, how to pick? […]

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