GPS Truck Transponder Warning Sensors for Curves

Every year the NTSB National Transportation Safety Board logs somewhere in the range of 7,000 over the street truck mishaps relating in people ending up dead. As a general pattern those fatalities have diminished over all, year over year. However toppled trucks are something that proceeds and it is a difficult issue.

The individuals who plan foundation, for example, over passes and expressway entrance ramps and bends give outrageous consideration to detail to such dangers. An appropriate flickering light and pre-bend cautioning framework will spare numerous lives over a ten-year length. We have all observed the photos on the sign which demonstrate a truck spilling and state alert underneath them with a number, for example, “SLOW 15 MPH” and regularly these signs additionally incorporate a blazing golden or red light to caution drivers of the genuine idea of the turn ahead.

I suggest that we go above and beyond and incorporate a satellite cautioning through a GPS and Truck Transponder System, which will be a notice, which will flag an extra cautioning inside the truck itself. The framework could be run by means of satellite or from a notice framework on the bend itself, which alarms all trucks, which have a transponder arrangement of the bend ahead. We could spare more than 2200 lives for each year along these lines or about the quantity of individuals lost in the whole Iraq War.