Innovative: NovTel GPS

The NovTel GPS framework is certainly something to discuss and surely ending up very acclaimed as it coincidentally was the GPS framework riding on board of Stanford University’s Volkswagon which simply happen to win the DARPA Grand Challenge and the 2-million dollar money prize. On the off chance that you will review the DARPA Grand Challenge had more than 50 challengers driving vehicles through desert course right around 200-miles in length, with no driver.

The UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle nicknamed “Stanley” found the middle value of 19.1 miles every hour that day. Stanley finished the race with the NovAtel’s Propak(R)LBplus with Omnistar HP Service for exact situating information on board. It worked superior to anything all the others including hotshot Grad understudies from such outstanding Universities as Cal-Tech, Berkeley, Virigina Tech, Georgia Tech, MIT and Carnegie Mellon all known for their strong mechanical ability.

The NovTel Propak GPS recipient combined with the OmniSTAR L-band sign had the option to address its developments while it drove through the intense course. The precision is said to be inside such tight resistances that their was no challenge by then. The framework even had the option to make brisk changes while originating from GPS power outages in passages, without blunder. The triumphant mix is something to discuss and the NovTel Propak is surely the arrangement of decision and the race for mechanical fighting proceeds.