Self Healing Minefields – Grid, GPS, Satellite Strategies

I propose a “Manta Ray” Style self-covering landmine network framework, which uses swarm and haptic automated re-association hypothesis to fill in the gaps left from foe interruption. A “Manta Ray” copying robot, which vibrates can rapidly cover itself.

The virtual framework where the land mines possess will consider designs, which are calculation constrained by scrambled satellite order transfer. The state of the land mines will be a little lobster like body with enormous round or octagonal work wired part. The body will burrow an opening for itself and afterward the work framework will bring down itself to the surface and after that shake until it is secured. (have drawings). Since we know the most recent precise areas of the minefield a blue power armed force, brought down pilot or extraordinary power groups could transverse the minefield utilizing a PDA-GPS gadget cautiously avoiding all the land mines. Any endeavor to tail them would make certain passing for the individuals who seek after. Think the account of the “Separating of the Red Sea!” I further propose the Blue Force programming direction framework around oneself mending minefield network be called PRS.

The land mines will deactivate by satellite, before re-designing and after that once appropriately covered set up be reactivated. After the war they can be deactivated or released, to avoid the innumerable thousands slaughtered and damaged every year from land mines of wars gone bye.